The NFL Is Considering Eliminating The Tuck Rule


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Just when life as a Raiders fan couldn’t get any worse, now comes the news that the NFL is strongly considering eliminating the infamous  ‘tuck rule’ that so memorably haunts them 11 years later.

As reported by the NFL Competition Committee held a confrerence call on Thursday to go over possible rule change proposals, one that came up was a proposal to eliminate the infamous ‘tuck rule’.

The NFL Annual Meeting starts on Sunday in Phoenix and there talks to eliminate the controversial rule will be discussed in length. If done away with the rules would then state that a player loses possession of the ball when he tries to bring it back to his body.If the player loses control of the ball while it’s going forward, it is still incomplete. If he loses the ball while tucking, it’s ruled a fumble–sorry Brady.

Surely Raiders fans everywhere have a slow tear rolling down there cheeks, but NFL fans as a whole should rejoice at the possible end to what was always a baffling rule to start with. The one seemingly insignificant rule which shaped the landscape of today’s NFL.