Tiger Says Sleazy Websites Made Him Go Public With Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods’ entire world was turned upside-down in a flash after the car accident heard around the world, when all his indiscretions were revealed. But that’s all in the past, and Tiger of present is focused on a career comeback, and has a new woman by his side to help him do that.

NY Times reported on just why the notoriously mum Tiger decided to be so public about his new found relationship:

 “Well, it’s very simple. We’re very happy where we’re at, but also we wanted to limit the stalk-a-razzi and all those sleazy Web sites that are out there following us. I’ve had situations where it’s been very dangerous for my kids and the extent they’ll go to. We basically devalued the first photos.”

“Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is in our society right now,…and we felt like it was the best thing to do”

It is clear that Tiger has gotten over whatever emotional funk he was imbibed in and is now is search of getting his pre-divorce swagger back to right his career.

Savvy move by Tiger to avoid the media storm of unwanted publicity by just coming out before this could become another breaking news story to distract him.