Tim Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov Official Scorecard (Photo)

Tim Bradley  Ruslan Provodnikov

The gift and the curse of Timothy Bradley is this.

He has no power, but he has the heart of a brawler. Against most opponents, that has been enough to just overwhelm them. Bradley has won a lot of fights, just on sheer will power.

Against Provodnikov, he ran into someone, with as much heart as he had and a lot more power.

You mix in Bradley’s Heart and stubbornness to box, with Provodnikov punching power and stalking style and what you had was the fight of the year in boxing so far.

The only black eye, so to speak, was that Provodnikov should have gotten a draw, but the ref missed a clear knockdown in the first round.

Instant replay needs to be added in boxing to correct these type of mistakes, Bradley would have still kept his belt, but no one would have argued with a draw.

Tim Bradley Ruslan Provodnikov Official Scorecard

4 thoughts on “Tim Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov Official Scorecard (Photo)

  • actually you just need glasses. not that i watched the fight but according to you, the round in question is not one but 11, you mistyped. now fix that error and the score for the middle judge would be changed by one one each side changing from 115-112 to 114-113. that would keep it a unanimous decision.

    • You didn’t even watch the fight, so you don’t know what you are talking about. It was Round 1, which would have made it a 10-8 round and draw on two of scorecards. Meaning it would be a Majority draw. Don’t speak unless you know what you are talking about.

  • Boxing like the NBA is fixed! Who was the promoter of the fight? The white collar criminal Bob Arum! ‘Nuff said!

    • Boxing isnt fixed Top Rank is aka Bob “die” arum

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