Tim Tebow Celebrates With Wichita State After Beating Gonzaga (VIDEO)

tim tebow wichita ks basketball

Tim Tebow should retire from football and team up with Ray Lewis in hopes of becoming an inspirational speaker. To be fair, although Lewis has his fair of preaching to the choir incidents too he also performed on the football field. However I am still uncertain to what it is exactly Tim Tebow does.

While Tebow was living the good life, waiting to have his jet refueled he made an unexpected visit to Wichita State University men’s basketball team, after their upset win over top-seeded Gonzaga.

After receiving Coach Greg Marshall blessing, Tebow was on the bus congratulating them with a touching speech.

“Some of you might go play in the NBA and have great lives, but this is the time you’ll remember. All of you out there, balling together, training together, putting in the heart and the sweat and everything, caring about each other,” Tebow said. “You’ll never forget.”

I’m sure some where right now, although he played football people are wondering why Tebow, who won the 2008 BCS Championship game with Florida, is giving Wichita State a pep rally. I’m uncertain myself, but for whatever the reason bless thou Tebow.