Tom Izzo’s Son Picks Duke Over Michigan State In His Bracket


March Madness, the NCAA Tournament, and the brackets that go with are a serious thing.  If you don’t believe me when I tell you people take their brackets serious, examine the case of Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo and his 12-year-old son Steven.

MLive is reporting that young Steven had multiple brackets to fill out and when it came down to a sweet 16 showdown between Duke and Michigan State, he had a tough choice to make.

Of course we all know what the obvious choice should have been, but Tom Izzo told his son to pick with his heart.  Young Steven chose the Duke Blue Devils.

“I said, ‘Steven, what are you doing?'” Izzo said. “He says, ‘Well Dad, I’m just not sure on this game.’ I said, ‘You know what, son? You’ve got to pick with your head, not your heart.’ The damn kid picked Duke!”
“My son’s problem is whether he ever eats at my house,” Izzo joked. “He’s a big fan of Coach K’s, so I’ve got real problems.”
Steven who’s middle name just happens to be Mateen, also picked Louisville to get to the Final 4, and he picked Miami to win the National Championship.
I wonder if coach Izzo is considering changing his son’s middle name?  Hilarious.

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