Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Faces Licensing Problems


fallon fox

Fallon Fox next opponent may be the California State Athletic Commission. Instead of preparing for her next match up, she may have to orchestrate a plan of attack to address the allegations, which surfaced after Fox’s licensing approval was placed under investigation.

“Our department is currently investigating allegations pertaining to the information provided on the application,” said a spokesperson for the commission, which licensed Fallon Fox to fight as a woman.

During an exclusive interview with, the 37 year-old mixed martial arts fighter opened up revealing she is transgender, which is a first in the sport of combat fighting. Fox announced she underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006 along with the supplemental hormonal therapy to transform from male to female.

Fox claims she was able to receive her license from the California State Athletic Commission, and in return that license helped her obtain one in the State of Florida. However the California State Athletic Commission states Fox license was submitted in February and wasn’t approved, but instead was under review.

The CSAC Executive Officer Andy Foster attributes the mistake with an error in their processing system and is currently looking at changing it. According to Foster, the commission is looking into changing or eliminating forms which reflects a $60 licensing fee, and he believes Fox mistakenly interrupt that as her license was approved.

 “I think it’s imperative to remember that the Florida commission allowed this fight, not the California commission,” said Foster. “California merely received and is processing the application. We’re working on the necessary medical reviews. We simply have an application.”

“CSAC staff handled this without notifying me of the unusual circumstances,” said Foster. “Because this is the first of its kind situation, this matter should have been referred to me for review under the commission’s medical review panel, which ultimately makes a decision in how to proceed in a case like this. I’m taking appropriate actions to make sure this protocol is followed next time.”

Fox is currently undefeated with a record of 5-0. Her last match was Saturday, and she knocked out the woman within 39 seconds.

Fox was schedule to attend a semifinal tournament at 145 pounds against eight females on April 20. However in support of her, her current promoter, Championship Fighting Alliance, has canceled the event.

“We stand 120,000 percent behind Fallon,” CFA CEO Jorge De La Nova said. “She’s a female. She’s a very sweet girl. There’s a lot of money on the line for her, and she’s performed very well. We’re going to give her a couple of weeks to see how this thing turns out.”

This will be an interesting outcome to see how this case is handle, and how other female athletes feel about fighting against a man who has transformed into a woman. You can view Fallon in action below.