Tyrann Mathieu: Teams Constantly Bring Up Marijuana


Tyrann Mathieu is working hard to change the perception NFL brass have about him.  Mathieu has been training and living in Florida to show teams he’s a changed man.

Mathieu interviewed with Bobby Hebert of WWL yesterday, to discuss his pro day and NFL future.  Mathieu told Hebert no matter what team he talks to, they constantly bring up Marijuana and his usage of it.

“It’s the marijuana. They bring it up constantly. It’s really about, they ask me: Why couldn’t you stop and why didn’t you want to stop? … Those are the toughest ones. Those are the ones that you have to be most honest about. For me, the same thing I just told you, I didn’t want to stop. I just didn’t want to reach out for help. I thought what I was doing was OK, but it’s not.”

In normal circumstances, marijuana might be the last thing teams focus on.  Seeing as though Mathieu had an addiction and almost derailed his life over weed, I assume those are the only questions teams will ask him.