UCLA Shabazz Muhammad Lied About His Age


I know this kid has talent, but there are a lot of red flags. The suspensions, the Gucci bags, the flossing, the balling and now this.

This isn’t little league, why would he need to lie about his age, but that is exactly what happened.

But a copy of Shabazz Nagee Muhammad’s birth certificate on file with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health shows that he was born at Long Beach Memorial Hospital exactly one year earlier, making him 20 years old — not 19 as widely reported.

How and when he lost a year of his life are unclear. But competing against younger, smaller athletes, particularly in the fast-growing years of early adolescence, can be “a huge edge,” said Eddie Bonine, executive director of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Assn. “People naturally look at the big, strong kids.”

I would be very careful if I was a team drafting him.

2 thoughts on “UCLA Shabazz Muhammad Lied About His Age

  • Sanctions incoming?

  • More half assed analysis from BSOL. It’s plainly obvious to anyone who bothered to read the LA Times article (and not just the headline) that the father is the problem here. Another case of a failed athlete living (and using) his child to live the life he couldn’t acheive. Stop being so lazy Littal and put some time and thought Iinto your commentary.

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