Vince Young Declines to Speak to Media After His Throwback Pro Day at Texas


On Instagram they have something called Throwback Thursdays.  It is when all the girls can show off their pics before they got Mini-Husky or had 7 kids and etc.

So, any time a NFL player, who has flamed out, goes back to college to rekindle his love for the sport, I am going to call it Throwback Pro Day.

Vince Young who was out of the league last year and working on a comeback, did some drills and made some throws at the Texas Pro Day this afternoon. For someone,  who is trying to show teams he has matured and turned over a new leaf, getting on his high horse and not speaking with the media, probably wasn’t the best move.

So, instead of just talking while he was there, he wants to make a big production out of it on ESPN. That is another reason why Young might be watching the games next year from the Texas Student Union.