Vince Young Says He Was A Victim, Taken Advantage Of


Vince Young is in financial purgatory right now, and trying to get his NFL career back on track.  Young will start by working out at the University of Texas Pro Day.

Yesterday during a visit to NFL AM, Young did his best to try to rehabilitate his reputation according to Pro Football Talk.  

Young admitted he made some mistakes, but also stated that off the field, “he was a victim, and taken advantage of by other people.”

“I really want teams and organizations to know that I was young at a time and I put my trust in a lot of people, and I was getting taken advantage of,” Young said. “Basically, I’m the victim of the situation. So I’ve just got to clean up that mess, just to let teams know I’m a little bit more mature than I used to be, I’ve grown a whole lot, and I just want teams to understand that you’re getting a little bit more mature quarterback that understands the professionalism of the game.”

Young admitted to making mistakes during his tenure with the Titans, but truly feels his off the field issues are why he’s unemployed, and not his body of work as a quarterback.

“I don’t really feel like it was my game, I just feel like it was some off-the-field issues, with some of the things that, as I was cleaning up a lot of the mess outside the field, I really feel like teams don’t want their quarterback to be in that position, of being distracted,” Young said. “It was nothing about my game, it’s just those things have to be cleared up before I get that opportunity.”

I think a team may give him a shot as a backup, but if he blows this chance, his career is over.

5 thoughts on “Vince Young Says He Was A Victim, Taken Advantage Of

  • Mr. Happy Feet is back! What organization in their right mind would want this loose cannon anywhere near their team? He is a stain on Professional ball.

  • Maybe if he could spell his name. This is the same Vince Young that scored a 4 on his wonderlic test a few years ago. He is obviously to dumb to play quarterback.

  • Let me be very clear. Vince Young is just too fat to be an NFL QB. His IQ is in the single digits. And Unlike Michael Vick, this guy should be in jail for eating his dog, not beating his dog.

  • Mr Young, you had your chance and blew it.

  • life gets in the way of living. his story is tragic and sad.he’s not the 1st to b taken advantage of. these players need to find good, well- qualified advisors. need to open their collective eyes and ears to find who best serves their purpose.

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