Woman Says TD Jakes Helped Deion Sanders Hide Money From Pilar

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If you’re scared go to church! Well it appears Deion Sanders is accused of doing more than just simply running to the church to confide in. In the latest divorce fiasco between Deion and former wife Pilar Sanders, according to CherryOnTop, an accuser has come forward accusing Deion of scheming to conceal money during their nasty, bitter divorce proceedings with the help of mega church pastor TD Jakes.

The choir can’t be excited about this news.

Nikke Sanni, a woman who once dated gospel singer Fred Hammond, has decided now is the best time to share her versions of the truth, alleging she was present during a meeting in February 2011 with T.D Jakes, Fred Hammond, and Deion Sanders, where they all engaged in talks about how Deion needed to get a divorce but maintain his money.

Now get into your story. Talk about the first time you allegedly met Deion Sanders.

NS: We were at Fred’s house. It was Fred, T.D. Jakes, Deion Sanders, and another man of whom I have no idea who he is. He came in with Deion, he left with Deion, I don’t know who he is. And that was my first time ever seeing Deion.

What was the subject of conversation?

NS: That he [Deion] was getting ready to file for a divorce, and there was something wrong with the prenuptial agreement, and he did not want her [Pilar] to take his money. And T.D. Jakes was there helping him, giving him advice, kind of guiding him rather, on what to do with his money so that it wouldn’t look like he had so much when the divorce happens.

Does anyone else find this ironic? What is the likelihood of a group of men talking about how one is going to leave his penny grabbing wife and keeps his millions, while in the room there is a sweet as can be “girlfriend” sitting by while the big bad boys of the church and football field sit and plot a way to scheme the soon to be ex-wife?

Sounds like a LifeTime movie to me.

pilar sanders says td jakes help deion hide money

Were they the least bit uncomfortable with you being in the room considering what they were discussing? It seems a little odd that Deion would be comfortable with talking about that with someone in the room he did not know.

NS: I wasn’t sitting directly in the room. I was eavesdropping in the room. I wasn’t like sitting on the couch with them…they were all sitting in the sitting area. I was eavesdropping on the meeting. I came down for a second to get a good look, and went back up, but I was not invited, nor was I sitting in the sitting room with them at the time, no.

So I guess that would clear up my main concern, however she admitted to eavesdropping. Eavesdropping is about as accurate as playing the childhood game “Telephone.” You think you hear something, so you repeat it, but in hindsight at the end of the game you realize you had the information all wrong from the start.

Have Pilar’s lawyers been preparing you to testify? Have you been meeting with her lawyers?

NS: I’ve met with her lawyers, I am preparing to testify in the divorce phase of the trial. I did not testify in the custody battle because this has nothing to do with custody. I don’t know anything about Deion’s parental skills…let me just say this on record, okay. I don’t know Mr. Sanders as a person, as a human being. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose for telling my story because I am going against T.D. Jakes. But, I’m doing what’s right, and what I’m doing, like I said, has nothing to do with custody of their children, so that’s why I didn’t testify at the [custody phase of the case], but I will be there at the divorce trial.

What does she have to gain by that? Well a lot. Sanni is a retail store owner, and good or bad press is press for her business. While on the surface it doesn’t appear she has anything to gain, just like she was able to speculate on bits and pieces of information she heard while eavesdropping, the public is well within their rights t0 speculate she is just trying to make a quick name for herself and her shop while teaming up with Pilar Sanders.

It would be easier, considering what you’re up against, to not say anything about what you heard that day. It won’t affect you if things don’t go Pilar’s way in their divorce. Why say anything knowing your credibility is going to be questioned and possibly worse?

NS: I went to my mother…. talking to my mother, she was the one that said, “You’re a woman just like she’s a woman. And if this was you and Fred, and another woman sat in and heard he was going to do that to you, wouldn’t you want to know?” And it stayed on my conscience, it ate me up all day, all night. Until I decided I’ve got to do the right thing. It was my mother, she deserves the credit.

Now I’m a mother. If my daughter ever came to me with something of this nature, please forgive me lord, but instead of telling my daughter to worry about the next woman I will be instructing my daughter to worry about herself. If Fred can sit and be in agreeance to treat another woman this way that would incline me to think he would treat you the same way.  If what Deion was doing was that bad in her eyes, that would make Fred her lover just as guilty.

So you don’t remember specifics on what Bishop T.D. Jakes was telling Deion to do?

NS: I don’t remember the specifics. I just know he was telling him, “This is what you do. You put your money here…”

What you’re alleging is pretty major.

NS: I’m afraid. We’re talking about world respected, mega-church leader Bishop T.D. Jakes against little ol’ Houston Nikke. I’m not a bishop, I’m not a pastor, I’m not a world known gospel artist, I’m just Nikke, and I’m just Nikke that’s doing what’s right. No matter what your title is, no matter what church you lead, you’re still a person just like me, you happen to have a title. And they know what I heard. That’s why they all looked at me crazy when they saw me like, “What are you doing here?” But I feel like I’m doing what’s right. Absolutely I’m scared. I’m not afraid, I’m scared. But, oh well. I mean, I have to do what I have to do, and this is what it is. I’m sure Fred is going to curse me out real good and go off because he does curse and he does go off, but I’m ready.

This is where I agree with little ol’ Nikke, as she refers to herself. You shouldn’t have to be someone in a position of power to stand up for what’s right. You should always stand up for what you believe no matter what.  Although Nikke’s information came after she was eavesdropping and didn’t hear the entire conversation, waited two years to tell what she knew, and kept up a relationship with a man for an additional year after she confirms he was an advice giver and saw no harm in Deion’s plan, she may be telling the truth. However the cards are definitely staked against her.

Deion’s attorney Rick Robertson tells RumorFix, “Even if these allegations are true, It would have no impact on the case. The arbitration judge already confirmed the prenup as valid.”

Nikke will be called to testify when the nasty divorce trial begins in two months. She will be asked about her allegations as well as the claims she made that TD Jakes, who officiated the marriage between Deion and Pilar, introduced Deion to his current girlfriend Tracey Edmonds, while Deion and Pilar were still married.

I’m still confused with why do you sign a prenup and fight it later, but that’s beyond me. Somehow I hope these two can work together and co-parent for the children’s sake.

Will marriage be anything of the past, or is this the new “I love you until death does us apart”  off the new millennium?

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  • I don’t believe her story will stop anything. What spouse doesn’t try to hold on to their assests during a divorce. But if Nikke was planning on having a long term relationship with Fred she might went to think again cause he’ll probably drop her.

  • That is irrelevant because he had a prenup for 1.4 total…

  • Message to all professional athletes: Groupies don’t love you for who you are, they love you for what you are. If you lose your money, groupies will leave you and move on to the next rich athlete. This reminds me of an animal known as leeches. Once they suck the blood out of a person, they attach themselves to another person. When will you athletes learn; keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind!

  • So, Ms. Pilar is going all out to take down everyone she can to make Deion look bad, including Bishop Jakes? But my question is what is this going to prove? She still signed a prenup!! Just go away and get your life in order Pilar !!!

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