Yankees GM Brian Cashman Says he Would Love to Sign Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones

I can’t recall when last the New York Yankees were this desperate.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, has put it out there that he would love to sign the recently retired Atlanta Braves great Chipper Jones. The Yankees have been blitzed by injuries to some of their best players and are interested in bringing in a few veterans to fill the holes in their lineup. Cashman even enlisted the help of reporters so that the word could get out faster because he didn’t have Jones’ number.

“If Chipper wants to come back, I would love to have Chipper,” Cashman said of Jones, who spent all 19 of his seasons with the Braves.

“I figured that is the quickest line of communication — Twitter,” Cashman said. “I already know the answer, but I figured I might as well throw it out there.”

Jones’ agent BB Abbott informed his client of Cashman’s offer and apparently flattered but not interested.

“He was part amused, part flattered,” Abbott told ESPNNewYork.com.

Abbott said if Jones ever considered a short list of teams for a return, the Yankees would be on it. Ultimately, though, Jones’ legacy is as a Brave and he reiterated that he has no interest in coming out of retirement.

I would’ve love to have seen Jones put on the Yankees pinstripes but then he probably wouldn’t be able to return to Atlanta where he forged his legendary status.