3rd Year in a Row a PFW Scout Calls Black QB Lazy, Is He Racist? No, He’s Smart


Quick who is Nolan Nawrocki?

Most of you probably have no idea who he is, others may remember him as the guy who questioned Cam Newton’s smile or RG3’s Football intelligence.

99% of the world doesn’t know any of the Pro Football Weekly’s NFL Scouts. Furthermore, their evaluation of players rarely make any type of headlines. Except when you say something like this.

Geno Smith is not a student of the game. Nonchalant field presence — does not command respect from teammates and cannot inspire. Mild practice demeanor — no urgency. Not committed or focused — marginal work ethic. Interviewed poorly at the Combine and did not show an understanding of concepts on the white board.

Needed to be coddled in college — cannot handle hard coaching.

A cross between Akili Smith and Aaron Brooks, Smith is a gimmick, overhyped product of the system lacking the football savvy, work habits and focus to cement a starting job and could drain energy from a QB room. Will be overdrafted and struggle to produce against NFL defensive complexities.

I am not a NFL Scout, never claimed to be one, but I can read and as soon as Nawrocki said Geno Smith was a cross between Akili Smith and Aaron Brooks, his intentions became clear as day.

It was like finding a murder weapon in somebody’s hand after they killed someone, it became an open and shut case.

We are in the AGE OF SKIP MEDIA, where style is more important than substance. Where screaming and yelling, is more revered than being calm and rational. Where hyperbole and bluster rule the day. Where media members are at times, more arrogant than the athletes that they covered.

Mr. Nawrocki is no different. I think he believed what he said about Cam Newton, was shocked by the reaction, but the attention was like a drug to him. So he tried it again with RG3 and it became even more addictive.

The is Skiptizing a situation.  You beat a topic into the ground, because it gets more ratings, views, readers and etc.  It is why Tebow is still talked about and why there are still debates on 1st Take on if LeBron is “clutch” or not.  Who cares if it doesn’t make any sense, we only care about ratings, Tweets and attention whoring.

Mr. Nawrocki was sitting back in his chair thinking, if I say certain “hot button” words about a black quarterback, I will get massive media attention. They teach you this in journalism school, it isn’t what you say, but how you say it. Look at all the HOT BUTTON words, that are secretly veiled stereotypes about black people in general, when Mr. Nawrocki speaks about Geno Smith.

  • Average field vision and coverage recognition.
  • Not a student of the game
  • Nonchalant
  • No urgency
  • Not committed or focused
  • Marginal work ethic
  • Coddled
  • Lacking the football savvy

Those are the same type of stereotypes that people have for black men in general.  It wasn’t by accident they were included in Mr. Nawrocki’s review.

Mr. Nawrocki is playing you for a fool, he is instigating a debate that has nothing to do with football, but everything to do with him getting media attention.  I guarantee you Mr. Nawrocki’s phone is ringing off the hook from people who want him to come and talk about his evaluation of Smith. Common trick, that is being pulled in this Age of Skip Media.

The people who are overly sensitive and like to throw out the race card for everything will immediately go crazy, people who are secretly racist and prejudice will hop on the bandwagon and turn it to something ugly. Meaning Mr. Nawrocki will sit back and enjoy his 15 minutes of fame.

Not racist, just brilliant manipulation on how people react to race, especially via social media. Bravo Mr. Nawrocki, you almost had everyone fooled, but you can’t fool me. It might have worked if he had compared Geno Smith to Jeff Garcia (that is who Smith reminds me of, with a bigger arm). That could have been enough deflection to throw people off the trail, but he had to go all in and compare Smith to two random black quarterbacks, who he plays nothing like.

That was the mistake that he made.

PFW will try to point all the nice thing he has said about black prospects and all the harsh things he has said about white prospects and it is all a deflection, to throw you off the the trail.  This was about page views and attention whoring, not racism, plain and simple.

Just go Google Nolan Nawrocki right now and see what comes up, then tell me if I am wrong or not.

Scouts know nothing, they are just giving opinions.  It is like being a weatherman, you have to know certain things, but in reality you just reading a map and guessing. You can find film on every single game Geno Smith ever played and come to your own conclusions. The point is that players show and prove on the field, not based on what some random scout says.

Sorry Mr. Nawrocki I didn’t fall for your banana in the tailpipe, can’t wait to hear with you have to say about Teddy Bridgewater in the future.

34 thoughts on “3rd Year in a Row a PFW Scout Calls Black QB Lazy, Is He Racist? No, He’s Smart

  • Except Nawrocki was spot-on on Newton and he wasn’t the only one with those same doubts about RGIII.

    • Yea he also said Drew Brees would never succeed and Chris Weinke was a steal for the Panthers. Yea he’s spot on!

      Hopefully he’ll do stock tips next since Madoff in prison.

    • So if a black guy is lazy and someone point this out, he’s a racist? You people (and by you people, I mean black media) have diminished that word so much that it carries ZERO meaning. Cam Newton is a good fantasy football QB, but he has yet to prove he can be consistent and win. Newton is a pouter.

  • Cam’s own teammates questioned his leadership skills this past season. But I hate how a player is always compared to another player of the same color.

    • Well, if those are the players to who he, in the Scout’s opinion, best compares, why try to make up some other comparison for the sake of political correctness? Is it so hard to believe that Akili Smith and Aaron Brooks belong in the same sentence for more than just being “black quarterbacks”.

      If you can’t compare one black guy to the next, what’s the point? Why do we compare anything then, when we’re THAT limited? You guys are ridiculous sometimes, you know that?

  • The NFL does not wont a black QB to be succesful.The QB position is suppose to be to complex for blacks.Often black QB are the subjects of critisim from the mass media.There is a reson for that.I call it “moon-cunnigham fear”.White poeple idolize QB’s.They think the QB is the leader.Thus the white man has to lead.If you look over the past 10 years no blk QB has won a title.No blk QB has been umongst the greats.There is a reason for that as well (preception).They say blk QB are lazy but lets never forget out of 10 years.There has always been a contreversiol play that often systamaticaly takes Blk QB’s and there teams out of the playoffs.I can do an essy on this but i wont.My point is the NFL does not wont to have a blk QB become the Micheal jordan of football.They fear it,RGIII is getting there that is why you see all this white No good QB getting paid so much money (fear of the comming).

    • “The NFL does not wont a black QB to be succesful.”

      Which is exactly why Mike Vick, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson receive no hype from the league or the sports nets.

      1985 says “Hi,” BTW.

      • Vick is old news, Cam not very good and I for one am sick of all the RGIII and Wilson hype. Not sure what media outlets you refer to but I hear their names daily.

        • Yet you luv the Romo hype?
          Wilson did take his team to the playoffs and WIN!

    • Well, The NFL had three African-American QBs in the playoffs (don’t forget Kaepernick). I don’t thank the league cares about anything but winning. And there’ve been quite a few successful ones (Moon, McNabb, Williams).

      • Kaepernick is black? I thought he just had a good tan.

  • In other words, Nolan Nawrocki wants to be a cross between Skip Bayless and Rush Limbaugh!

  • He was right about Cam. Having a successful rookie season does not discount the personality issues that came screaming out into the open during his second year.

    • The same could be said about Ryan Tannehill

      • Except Tannehill didn’t come in with near the hype of Newton and many people thought – and still think – he was over-drafted.

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