Alabama Man Pulls Gun On Coach At Son’s Pee-Wee Game

Charles Moshier Pulls Gun On Coach At Son’s Pee-Wee Game

Charles Moshier pulled a .45 caliber handgun on his son’s baseball coach at a Pee-Wee game among seven and eight year olds.

USA Today reports Moshier, who was arguing with the coach over his son’s lack of playing time, pulled the weapon after being told to sit down in the bleachers during his son’s game. A spectator disarmed him, and a city employee helped hold him until the police arrived.

Mosheir has been charged with menacing, disorderly conduct, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He did have a permit to carry the gun, which has now been revoked.

Because of the incident authorities say police presence at the park during games will be increased.

“Each night when the Police start their next shift an officer will come to the park and make a walk through and have a presence in the Park. This will only be when we have games.”

I’ve heard stories about these crazy parents who live vicariously through their children, hoping to fulfill their own failed athletic dreams.  No matter how good you think your child is at any sport, and chances are he/she isn’t really that good at 7, it’s never serious enough to pull a gun on a coach at the game.  Seems like he should be more worried about setting a better example in life for his son, than about how much playing time he gets in a pee-wee game.