Amare Stoudemire Pays $2,500 For Kevin Ware Face Cut-Outs

Ware, Luck



Who’s not rooting for Louisville?

According to, NBA athletes have joined in the Louisville fan section in the hopes of them winning the NCAA Championship. Kevin Ware, who suffered a gruesome leg injury last week during the elite 8 against Duke, has been cleared to travel with the team back to Atlanta, his hometown.

During the game fans don’t have to use just their voices to cheer for Ware, they can also use his face. Amare’ Stoudemire, paid $2,500 for 1,000 heads. On the back of the heads will be the hashtag #WinForWare, along with Stoudemire’s Foundation logo, which helps make lives easier for at risk youth. The heads will be given away for free to the students sitting in the student section cheering for the teams win.