An Usher Says Kordell Stewart Flirted With Him at Hawks Game

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I never trust anyone who tells a story like this, but wants to be anonymous. It is one thing to be an anonymous source when you are speaking about a trade or free agent signing, but when you are questioning someone’s personal life, you should be man or woman enough to say it with your chest and attach your name to it.  For all we know, someone could have just made up this story.

Kordell Stewart has been dogged by rumors about his sexuality for years and his high-profile reality show divorce has caused people to speculate again if he is gay or not.

So, I am not surprised that a random usher in Atlanta had this according Bossip.

“A male usher at Philips Arena said that Kordell Stewart came on to him the last time he attended a Hawks game. According to the usher, who would like to remain nameless, Kordell asked him what was up and asked for his phone number so they could hook up sometime when he is not at work. The usher said he smiled and played off because he was very uncomfortable by what Kordell said and how he was looking at him, but he was at work and had to be cool.”

On the off-chance this is true, who cares?  Actually, let me answer that, a lot of people care, because gay athletes are a hot topic right now. Stewart’s sexuality should be no one’s business.  If the usher felt violated he should have told his boss not Obnoxious TV.  If you are going to accuse or try to pull someone out of the closet, don’t be a punk, be a man and show your face when you say it.

If not, keep your unverified stories to yourself.

2 thoughts on “An Usher Says Kordell Stewart Flirted With Him at Hawks Game

  • Saw this coming from a mile away. He’ll be linked to a tranny next.

  • This unverified story was posted to ride the “come-out-of-the-closet” wave.

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