Andy Dalton: No Excuses For Bengals’ Explosive Offense


The Cincinnati Bengals have quietly built themselves an explosive offense over the past few seasons.  The Bengals drafted Andy Dalton and A.J. Green in the 2011 draft.

Last season wide receivers Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones were picked up in during this past weekends draft, the Bengals stole Tyler Eifert, arguably the best tight end in the draft,  and then added some more explosion to the offense with running back Giovani Bernard and wideout Cobi Hamilton.

On paper the Bengals should be able to score points with anyone, and Andy Dalton is aware of that, telling that “there are no more excuses for Cincinnati offense.”

“Well, there shouldn’t be any excuses,” Dalton said after his Monday workout. “The players we already have and adding these guys is just going to make the offense better. So I expect us to take the next step, I expect us to improve from where we were last year. Time will tell, but we’ve got the right attitude going in and the way we’ve been working, I don’t expect any less.”

Even with those comments, Dalton says he feels no added pressure.

“I don’t feel more pressure; I expect to be better this year. Regardless if we didn’t even get anybody, I would still expect to be better. The more weapons we have, the better I feel,” he said. “There’s not any more pressure. For me, I felt like I got better last year than I did after my rookie year. So I’ve just got to keep getting better each year. That’s all you can expect of yourself. And hopefully making the improvements will help with the win-loss record and we win more games and we get back to the playoffs and we win games in the playoffs. I think that’s what it comes down to _ if you’re winning games or not.”

The Bengals have had late playoff collapses in each of the past two seasons, and with all those weapons, it’s imperative that Dalton makes the biggest leap of all.

I mean he is the quarterback.