Anonymous NFL Scout Says Sharrif Floyd Is Not That Good, “Overhyped”


The 2013 NFL Draft is now less than 96 hours away and pundits and critics are still taking their shots anywhere they can fit them in at.

Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd could go anywhere from #2 to #10 in the draft because he’s supposed to be that good.   Yet one anonymous NFL scout doesn’t think so at all.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one NFL scout seems to think Floyd “is not that good.”

“Those idiots on TV made Floyd,” a scout told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bob McGinn during his annual draft preview series. “He’s not that good. He’s not better than Ziggy Hood. Floyd’s not a real bulky guy but he can run.”

It amazes me how a guy rated as the top defensive tackle in the draft and a possible top five pick simply isn’t a good player.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous NFL Scout Says Sharrif Floyd Is Not That Good, “Overhyped”

  • I agree, he is so overrated

  • I like Star more (said the raider fan) and dion is going to be a monster!

  • only time will tell if he is hype or the real deal.

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