Atlanta Hawks Selling Playoff Tickets For $16

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What in the blue hell is going on down in Atlanta?

Atlanta has never been known as a hotbed for sports, but this right here is just sad. Tickets to this weekend’s Hawks vs Pacers game are going for $16 on the coupon site LivingSocial yes, that’s right $16.

While you’ll be hard pressed to even park your car at an arena for $16 apparently in Atlanta that’s all you need to come on down and watch a game live. Sad state of affairs or great customer service?

The deal is for seats in the upper section in 307 or 314, and apparently the discount is paying off as more than 1,300 seats have been purchased.

Let’s face it, you won’t find Knicks, Lakers or Heat tickets for $16 so clearly the Hawks seem to be hurting a bit. Pacers vs Hawks not being the primetime blockbuster of a game isn’t really too surprising, though.

Fan up, Atlanta!

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Hawks Selling Playoff Tickets For $16

  • That’s about $15 too high to see me jack up bricks all day as we lose by 20, especially when the Braves are also playing.

  • Ratchet prices for a ratchet team in a ratchet city.

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