Biggest Banner in the World Unveiled at South American Soccer Game (photos)

Fans of Nacional display a giant flag during Copa Libertadores match against Mexico's Toluca in Montevideo

The obviously extremist fans of Uruguayan soccer club Nacional, unveiled the biggest banner the world has ever seen during a Copa Libertadores game against Mexican side Toluca on Thursday.

According to the Daily Mail, the dimensions of the massive looking bed sheet are 1,969 feet x 164 ft and took a year-and-a-half to be made. They unveiled the flag displaying the club’s colors at the 65,000-capacity Estadio Centenario stadium.

Big Banner 1

On one side the banner said in Spanish “Al bolso lo hace grande su gente” which means ‘The fans make Bolso (the nickname of the club) a great team.” While on the opposite side it read, “La Banda del Parque. La que nunca abandona,” which means “The group from the park, that will never abandon the club.”

Here are photos of the fans carrying the banner into the stadium.

Big Banner 2


BB 3

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