Bikini Basketball League Releases Their 2013 Schedule

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If you have been waiting for the Bikini Basketball schedule today is that day.

You can check out everything at and below are the dates of the games to be played this season.

Bikini Basketball

2 thoughts on “Bikini Basketball League Releases Their 2013 Schedule

  • I wonder what WNBA player think about the bikini league……

  • I have been following the Bikini Basketball Association and would like to give you an A+ for being so professional. I know your season will do well and the BA will make it. Its a shame that Atlanta and Chicago would pull out and copy BBA. Lets all protest! Do not support the Beautiful Ballers League because we have not place for cheaters.
    This is why we never get ahead; we cut off the legs of others instead of working together to maintain a high level of success so that we then may reach out to help each other. My stomach hurts just by seeing what they are trying to do.

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