Bills Stevie Johnson Wants North Korea To Bomb Patriots First



Always think before you Tweet.

I know Stevie Johnson is joking, but he has to realize, there are more people in Foxboro, Mass than just Patriots fans. I give him credit he hasn’t deleted the Tweet as of yet.  When you say something stupid, stand behind it at least.

Stevie Johnson

If you haven’t been watching the news, North Korea has declared they have approval to launch nuclear missiles at the United States. Normally, if you are going to do that, you don’t announce it to the world, but I digress. Stevie Johnson isn’t the brightest guy around, so his attempt at humor didn’t come across very well on Twitter.  Also, what happens by small chance North Korea did blow up New England?

Good rule to have is, don’t tweet about a city being blown up by a nuclear missile, that isn’t going to work out for you, at any time.


  1. You have to excuse Mr. Johnson, you see, he gets his humor from being a Buffalo Bill since they BOMB every year.

  2. Tweets are regrettable and the media should stop repeating them. People shoot from the hip and say things off the top of their heads. You can’t gage someones sarcasm, humor, anger, etc. without hearing the tone of their voice. This is just one tweet out of 60,000 tweets that go out everyday so leave it at that instead of giving it top billing. Stupid is as stupid does.

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