Blue Jays fan Tries to Scale Wall After Running Onto Field (Video)

Jays fan

I really hope being banned from the ballpark was worth the thrill of running onto the field during a live game for this Toronto Blue Jays fan, I know I enjoyed it.

During the Blue Jays 13-0 defeat the Boston Red Sox at the Rogers Centre on Sunday, this fan felt compelled to lift the spirits of the home supporters, in what was a deeply depressing game.

First the fan sprinted to second base and did an impressive slide, than ran for dear life to the outfield while being chased by security. Our hero tried to scale the wall but it wasn’t happening, and was eventually caught, but the crowd loved every minute of it as you will hear in the video.

Check the video out here:


Here’s another view of the fan being chased:

H/T to Deadspin for the video.