Bob Costas Raps Ludacris Lyrics On MLB Network (VIDEO)

Bob Costas Rapping Ludacris

Bob Costas is famous in his own right. However after seeing the video below his meter has now propelled to higher levels.

When you say Bob Costas you may think of the Olympic Games, World Series game, NFL, or you may recall his 23 Emmy Awards, but one thing you don’t foresee is him rapping.

When do you ever suspect to see Bob Costas rapping lyrics from the track Hip Hop Quotables on MLB Network? Never. It wasn’t a smooth rendition of the song, but who is really complaining this is Bob Costas.

One thought on “Bob Costas Raps Ludacris Lyrics On MLB Network (VIDEO)

  • LMAO…….you know you’ve made it when your referenced in a Rap song.

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