Bob Stoops Says Doesn’t Mind Student Athletes Going Hungry If They’re Broke

Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops gets paid $5 million a year, so he should be more careful about his choice of words, when he says things like this.

“I tell my guys all the time,” Stoops says, “you’re not the first one to spend a hungry Sunday without any money.”

He elaborated on his point of why Student Athletes shouldn’t get paid.

“You know what school would cost here for non-state guy? Over $200,000 for room, board and everything else,” Stoops said. “That’s a lot of money. Ask the kids who have to pay it back over 10-15 years with student loans. You get room and board, and we’ll give you the best nutritionist, the best strength coach to develop you, the best tutors to help you academically, and coaches to teach you and help you develop. How much do you think it would cost to hire a personal trainer and tutor for 4-5 years?

“I don’t get why people say these guys don’t get paid. It’s simple, they are paid quite often, quite a bit and quite handsomely.”

As far as the education, door rooms and etc that is all true, he leaves out one important part. Most students on campus don’t bring in any money or recognition to the school. When I was at The Ohio State University, I didn’t generate any revenue for the school, but Maurice Clarett did and it was a lot.

How much do you think Johnny Manziel is worth to Texas A&M right now? I am pretty sure it is over $200k. I don’t think college athletes should be paid like professionals, but giving them a stipend, so they can eat and go out from time to time, wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Stoops should realize, he makes $5 million is because of the players first and foremost, before he tells them it is ok to go hungry.

3 thoughts on “Bob Stoops Says Doesn’t Mind Student Athletes Going Hungry If They’re Broke

  • Athletes do get monthly allowances and can apply for grants if elgible to assist them with financial needs. It is hard for me to believe someone like Ben Mclemore saying his family is poor but he has thousands of dollars worth of tatoos.

  • Bob Stoops sounds like a COMPLETE IDIOT-n-MORON Though (YUPPP…) From now on Imma refer to him as —–> BOB STOOPID Though SMDH

  • he is a clown and you are too if you agree with him. think about a guy making $5,000,000 a year is telling kids deal with it. how many teachers are making that? It’s easy to say the system is great when you get steak and lobster off their sweat. he won’t help when 2% of his income is 100,000? what about his shoe deal money, local tv show money, endorsement money, coaching clinic money etc.. he makes a little more than what is reported. everyone gets money except them, sad.

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