Brendon Ayanbadejo Accuses Ravens of Cutting Him Because of Gay Rights Stance

Brendon Ayanbadejo

The Ravens are a solid organization from top to bottom. They make business decisions and the reason Ayanbadejo was cut was simple.

They could save some money against the salary cap and he is an aging ,disposable special teams player. For him to try to make it into a gay rights issue, let’s me know, that he is more about attention whoring than the cause. Don’t mix the two together, if you want to take a stand on gay rights do that, but don’t bring the fact that you were cut into it. That isn’t helping anyone.

In New York where he will be honored at tonight’s Straight for Equality Gala, Brendon Ayanbadejo told a local newspaper reporter that he thinks one of the reasons that he was cut by the Ravens was because of his outspoken advocacy for same-sex marriage. 

“My bark is louder than my bite,” Ayanbadejo told Newsday. “I make a lot of noise and garner a lot of attention for various things off the football field. When that starts happening, why do you have that player around?”

“I don’t necessarily think that teams want this type of attention.”

As you can imagine the Ravens dispute that is why he was released.

“We’re surprised that he would indicate this. We have always been respectful of Brendon’s opinions and his right to express those,” said Kevin Byrne, the Ravens’ senior vice president for public and community relations. “Our decision regarding his departure from the team has everything to do with football. Nothing else.”

One of the worst things you can do, when you are fighting for a cause, is use that cause for personal gain. I agree with a lot of Ayanbadejo’s beliefs, but if he is going to use it as a crutch every time something bad happens to him, he isn’t trying to help anyone except himself.

Don’t be that guy Brendon.