Brian Kelly Says Alabama Game Did Not Expose Manti Te’o


Ask a lot of people and they will tell you that all of Manti Te’o’s troubles began in the national championship game when he was dominated by an Alabama offensive line looking to make a statement.

Te’o’s college coach doesn’t see it that way, and according to Pro Football Talk, when asked by NFL Network if Manti was exposed in the national championship game, Brian Kelly confidently answered “no.”

“I at first felt that we got pushed around a little bit, but as we watched more film, I think our guys didn’t play their very best, and Alabama obviously played very well in that game,” Kelly said. “But I think as people watched more film, and saw Manti Te’o and his body of work over the last four years, they came to their own conclusion that this is a very, very good football player.”

Again Te’o faced pro offensive lineman on that night, and even though he still may be a good pro, it eliminated any talk of him being a top 10 pick.

The rest is history.