Brittney Griner Instagrams Herself Dunking on Brandon Knight (Photo)

Brittney Griner Brandon Knight

The Buzz is growing and hopefully it doesn’t stop until Griner has an opportunity to play with the men. I have outline all the reasons why she should try out for the NBA.

Only takes one owner to give her that opportunity and Mark Cuban seems interested. Griner herself seems to be pumped up about it.

Wouldn’t you be?

She could go to WNBA and just sort of fade away or she could do something that will be talked about for years after she is done playing ball.  No matter if you think she could play in NBA or not, you would watch religiously.

It is a no brainer, no downside and win-win situation for everyone involved.

2 thoughts on “Brittney Griner Instagrams Herself Dunking on Brandon Knight (Photo)

  • It wouldn’t be a win-win for everyone involved. What about the fans? They have to sit and watch the she man get dominated by some D league level player. Kwame Brown vs. Brittney Griner is must see TV.

  • Yeah and the Rockets should sign Bow Wow so he can make Like Mike 2. Go home man you’re drunk

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