Brittney Griner Says She Can Hold Her Own Against Men, Has Interest in NBA



Griner is a smart girl, she knows the potential windfall of trying out for the NBA. Regardless of what anyone tells you, there is zero downside to it.

Every single person who will give you 100 reasons why she would fail, would be glue to their TV as soon as she stepped on the court. That would be good for Griner, The NBA and whatever team isn’t afraid to take the risk.

Mark Cuban seems sincerely interested, I hope he pulls the trigger and I laid out all the reasons why here.


  1. NO DISRESPECT to This Female but She would get STR8 DRAGGED in the NBA Though (MmmHmm…) She’s a Dominant FEMALE Post Player w/ NO Dirk aka ELITE PF Perimeter Skillz… THAT Position would be TOO POWERFUL for her to Handle on a NIGHTLY BASIS (Even as a Bench/Role Player…)

    NOW Mya Moore would have a MUCH BETTER Chance of making a NBA SQUAD becuz HER SKILLZ are Transferable to The NBA Game… Mya could break Some Dudes Ankles and MOS DEF could get Her Shot Off (She’s THAT ELITE!!!)

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