Browns LB Quentin Groves Arrested In Police Prostitution Sting



Quentin Groves just signed a deal with the Cleveland Browns, and he might be in hot water because of his need to blow of some steam.

The Big Lead is reporting that Groves was arrested in a Police prostitution sting on April 17.

On April 17, according to the police report, Groves arrived at Room 231 of the Homestead Guest Studios. He had responded to an ad and requested “full service” from an officer posing as a prostitute offering sex for hire, according to records. A price was agreed upon during the call before he arrived.

His court date is May 10.

$195.70 and a box of Magnum condoms were seized as evidence.

Groves reportedly responded to an advertisement and requested “full service” from an officer posing as a prostitute. He recently signed a  2-year, $2.8 million deal with the Browns.


    • This “man” is married. You don’t go and work for another team while working for the contract team, and no you don’t mess around on your wife. However “backwards” this nation may be, it is still the law and he will still pay for breaking it, so he should not have done it. Too many women giving it up for free (in any and all ways) for pros anyway. Could have asked his wife…hope she divorces him now while she can still clean him out, idiot….

    • I agree with jimmyt..if 2 consenting adults met at a bar then went to a motel and had sex nobody would give a damn….if a person wants to provide sex for $$$ what difference does it make

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