Bulls Won’t Rule Out Derrick Rose Returning for Playoffs


This is why fat guys are suing Derrick Rose for depression. I don’t think the majority of people have a real problem with Rose sitting out for the entire year. A lot of people think it is the smart way to go. I believe fans get annoyed though, when the Bulls release comments like this.

“He’s most likely out but you never know,” Thibodeau said. “The playoffs are stretched out, too, so you have to factor that in. So who knows another week from now where he is? You always want to leave that possibility open.”

“Whenever he can come back, he comes back.”

Either give a no comment or say he isn’t coming back. It is the wishy-washy comments, that have people feel like Rose and the Bulls organization are jerking them around.

One thought on “Bulls Won’t Rule Out Derrick Rose Returning for Playoffs

  • i agree with you. However, Rose has been cleared to play for 2 months now. All we’ve been hearing is BS. “Its all mental” blah blah blah blah. Like you said, cut the crap: tell the fans whether he’s a go or not and move on.

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