Cam Newton Debuts Clothing Line, “MADE Cam Newton”


In the midst of new allegations against Auburn University football, their most recent king and Heisman Trophy winner is basking in success off the field.

Cam Newton answered a few questions today from the Opelika-Auburn News in regards to the new allegations made by former Auburn safety Mike McNeil.

Newton took the high road and refused  to talk about the allegations.  He did want to talk about the new clothing line he debuted called MADE Cam Newton.


The line being debuted and carried by Belk, is modern, southern style casual and business wear for adult men. MADE offers  ties, polo shirts, T-shirts, vests, pants and more features.

“It’s certainly for young adults,” Newton said in a phone interview with the Opelika-Auburn News on Thursday. “Obviously, as the branding grows in value, we’ll have different opportunities and hopefully we will go down a path of opening it up for little kids, but right now it’s for young adults and adults to be comfortable wearing the MADE brand.”

Newton said it would be strictly casual and business wear for mean, but he would steer clear of an athletic line for business reasons.

“I don’t think Under Armor would be too happy with that,” Newton said with a laugh, referring to his endorsement deal with the athletic brand. “I tried to go down an avenue that wouldn’t step on nobody’s toes by any means. I wanted to make a brand for a person having the opportunity to wear either a suit or jeans and a polo shirt. It’s something for the Southern man.”

Newton said he’s most proud of the affordable prices.

It’s an accessible price for every consumer to be able to buy,” Newton said. “So I think it’ll be just as exciting for people who are trying to save or make the most of their dollar.”

MADE Cam Newton should be available in the next few weeks.