Carla Esparza the Next Female MMA Star…Is She a Cutie? (Photos)


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Carla Esparza is the Invictus FC strawweight  champion & is on a 4 fight winning streak. The 25 year old’s versatile style inside of the ring is what put her on the map but her looks are what can shoot her to super stardom.

We’ve seen what the UFC has been able to do with Ronda Rousey and their marketing campaign; there is no reason why straw weight couldn’t be the UFC’s next women’s division and be highlighted by the attractive Esparza.


Esparza’s next match is against Ayaka Hamasaki on the Chris Cyborg undercard in July. It’s a highly anticipated card in the MMA world and Carla has the opportunity to further her notoriety with an impressive victory.

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