CBS Announcer Jim Nantz Says He Can’t Get Kevin Ware’s Injury Out Of His Mind


CBS Sports announcer Jim Nantz is one of the best to ever at his craft, and has seen a lot in his years of calling sporting events.

Nantz got a first hand look as Louisville guard Kevin Ware snapped his leg in two place while contesting a three against Duke. 

Nantz who called the game with Clark Kellogg told USA Today that “he’s struggling to get that image out of his mind.”

“when you’re that close to it, it’s hard to get the image out of your mind. … You replay it over and over in your head.”

Nantz said as little as possible during the nearly 10 minutes Ware laid on the floor in agony, and as he put it, what was he suppose to say.

“What could you say? There was very little you could add.”