CFL GM Says Tim Tebow Would Have To Compete To Be A Backup


I think at this point a lot of people commenting on Tim Tebow’s release from the Jets and his future are just piling on, but that comes with the territory when you are who he is.

Tebow’s CFL rights are owned by Montreal Alouettes and their GM Jim Popp was asked about Tebow possibly making the trip north to play for them.

You would assume that Tebow having been an NFL starter would be welcomed and given preferential treatment in Canada.  Not so fast according to Popp.

According to TSN Canada, Popp says Tebow would have to compete just to be the backup.

“If he wants to come to Canada he would be in the same situation as the one he was in with New York,” said Montreal general manager Jim Popp. “He can come here and compete to be the backup to Anthony Calvillo and learn the game, just like Jeff Garcia did (behind Doug Flutie). And one day he might be the guy; that’s our vision. He can learn from the best.”

Popp said he had no plans to contact Tebow’s agents and assumes the quarterback will try to latch on with someone in the NFL before turning his attention to Canada.