Chael Sonnen Touches Sage Steele’s Hair to See if It’s Real (Video)


Chael Sonnen Samantha Steele


Let’s be honest, Chael Sonnen got this Bones Jones fight because he knows how to promote a fight. Well Chael was being his usual self on ESPN’s SportsCenter today and it resulted in a must see TV moment.

Chael, who was ¬†admittedly intrigued by Sage Steele’s hair, reached over and asked the SportsCenter anchor for a fist full of her curls. Sage was a good sport ¬†and let Chael indulge for a few seconds; to which he declared to the audience that, “That’s real hair people, it’s very soft.”

Just in case there is a large part of their demographic that cares about Sage’s hair style we can now confirm that its is natural, contains no weave to clarify, and is in fact extremely soft.

To steal a quote, “There’s no chemical, only juices and berries.”

Check out the video of Chael today on SportsCenter below:


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