Chargers Players Blast Ryan Mathews For Calling Them “Complacent”


The San Diego Chargers have a new head coach, and so they were able to report yesterday to begin their off-season conditioning program.

Several of those Chargers players showed up mad because of some comments their running back made.  Last week Ryan Mathews made an appearance on the NFL Network program NFL AM.

Mathews spoke about several different topics, and stated that the team’s poor record in 2012 was a result of complacency under former coach Norv Turner.

Mathews teammates did not appreciate his comments, and blasted the oft injured running back.

“I just wish he would have spoken for himself,” linebackerDonald Butlertold U-T San Diego. “That’s all. Just speak for yourself. Don’t make generalized statements like that about the whole team. … I haven’t got a chance to talk to him, but I’m sure he knows that. It is what is. Just speak on yourself, and that’s it.”

Center Nick Hardwick told the newspaper that he didn’t watch the segment, but stated he does work hard.

“Just from my own personal standpoint, I throw up before every game,” Hardwick said. “I know what kind of work it’s going to take to even get through a game, let alone to win a game.”

Mathews may not have been meant to disrespect his teammates, but he did.  Seeing how Mathews is always injured, and has never truly lived up to his LT comparisons, he may be the one whose complacent.

One thought on “Chargers Players Blast Ryan Mathews For Calling Them “Complacent”

  • Mathews is still fine as in handsome….they need to leave my baby alone he was telling the truth and called it like he see’s it. He can’t help he keeps getting injured, hes not that big and he’s taking really hard hits…he don’t need to live up to LT he needs to live up to his own expectations. Now that he spoke his mind and went outside the box people are criticizing him…

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