Charles Barkley Says NBA Players Would Be Insulted By Brittney Griner Playing With Them

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Just the fact, that so many people are still talking about Brittney Griner playing in the NBA, proves my point, that she should attempt it.

Doesn’t matter if she fails or succeeds, what matters is she can say she tried. Not many have had that opportunity and none during the social media age of media. It would be huge for women sports, Griner and the NBA. I have seen several journalists say that it would hurt women’s basketball.

Newsflash, women’s basketball isn’t exactly burning up the front pages of the sports section across the country, this would be a perfect way to get people  more interested in the sport.

Charles Barkley says NBA players would be offended by the fact that Griner is playing with them. Here is what he had to say courtesy of Larry Brown Sports.

“She can’t play against guys,” Barkley said, via Nick Birdsong of “I mean, you’re going to go at her, probably aggressively, cause you’re offended that she’s trying to play against you cause it’s kind of an insult to you. But she can’t play with men and I think whether she plays against a guy who has no…cause most of those guys, let’s…who are we kidding? Ninety to 95 percent of those guys who pay in the summer league are never going to play in the NBA.”

Probably all true, but doesn’t matter. You would still watch the Summer League or a Preseason game with Griner playing and that makes it a win for everyone, regardless if they are offended or not.