Chip Kelly Says Michael Vick And Nick Foles Are Even On Eagles Depth Chart


The Eagles held their first official minicamp workout of the Chip Kelly regime and the only question reporters had was who was the starter at this point?

Of course it’s to early to even speculate on a starting quarterback, but that didn’t stop reporters from inquiring.  According to the Star Ledger, Kelly said that “Vick and Foles were even on the depth chart at this point.”

“It’s even. They both [Vick and Foles] took reps with the ones,” Kelly said. “The depth chart for us is not a big deal. … The depth chart is more of a seating chart than a depth chart.”

According to reports Vick, Foles, and Dennis Dixon all shared reps with the first team offense.

“They rotated,” Kelly said. “Their wasn’t one set guy that just went with the ones the entire way. All those guys got an opportunity.”

Kelly made it a point Tuesday that the depth chart at this point means very little. Not at quarterback, right guard or anywhere else.

“First team means nothing to us. It’s how many reps can you get,” Kelly said. “I don’t care if you were first-team reps, second-team reps, third-team reps, we don’t grade you any differently.”

I’d be shocked if Vick didn’t win the competition going away, now him keeping the job is a different conversation.