Chris “Birdman” Anderson’s Fiance Tina Wiseman is a Cutie (Photos)


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The Birdman has positioned himself for a title run with the Miami Heat this season but he is already a winner off the court. Birdman showed up at Chris Bosh’s b-day celebration with his stunning fiance, Tina Wiseman, on his arm and she is a solid 10!

Miami Heats' Chris Bosh Moroccan Birthday Bash

It’s not hard to tell that Chris has some eccentric taste and a different bounce to him than most NBA players, so seeing him with a pretty mixed thing isn’t that much of a surprise. Showing up with this flawless banger though caught me by surprise.

I vote Birdman for comeback player of the year, he turned a 10 day contract into a possible championship and he pulled his self a flawless woman. Free Bird for the Win!!!

11 thoughts on “Chris “Birdman” Anderson’s Fiance Tina Wiseman is a Cutie (Photos)

  • She looks like pure trash! She is an uneducated bartender who will skim by cause she has big boobs. Ic cant imagine her holding an intelligent conversation with the other bb wives. Trash is trash and when chris is ready to be serious with a gorgeous educated adult…he can call me!

    • Diddo…one of the most ignorant people I have ever spoken with. I hear she smells bad too, hahaa, no seriously.

  • Hahaha hatin ass bitches. Hatin on that girl at 5:55AM. I’m sure ur a winner.

    • How funny I was thinking the same thing !!! Awwww poor haters lol

  • I know this girl personally, i went to highschool with her and i bartended with her in college. This girls is a horrible and spiteful human being. For those of you who said she is white trash, you are correct, her whole family is trash. She always wanted a rich guy, so i guess she found one

    • Are you kidding me ? She’s not white idiots. She’s Polynesian. I’m sure she doesn’t smell either or why in the hell would he be with her. I bet you would be congratulating birdman and his girl if you were in front of them instead of talking all that sh8t.

      • I meant she’s black and white not polynesian, she’s not all white that’s for sure.

        • She’s not black at all. Her mothers family is from Taiwan. Her dad is white. And her family is not trash. Her parents are both great business people and her sister is highly educated and was a model. Both her and Tina are gorgeous. Amazing what jealousy can do to people…turn them in to such haters!! Chris and Tina have been together for awhile. Engaged for over a year and are enjoying they’re time together in miami and College Station….stay away haters!!

  • I don’t know Tina personally, but I’m sure she doesn’t smell or else Chris wouldn’t be with her. Why would he be with her if she smelled really bad? She’s a pretty girl and Chris seems happy with her.

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