Chris Bosh’s House Robbed of $340k While He Was Out Celebrating His Birthday

Chris Bosh Birthday Party 7

We reported earlier that Chris Bosh was out celebrating his birthday party last night at Bamboo Nightclub in Miami (photos from the party can be seen here).

While he was out, robbers ransacked his house and took approximately $340k in cash, jewelry and handbags.   Luckily for Bosh, they didn’t take his NBA Championship ring. At this time police are investigating, but no arrests have been made.

The question begs, was this a random robbery or has someone been planning this for a while, knowing that Bosh and his family would be out all night celebrating his birthday.

I am not a detective, but it appears this was planned out carefully and was an inside job.  Police say there was no forced entry, which is a tell-tell sign, this might have been someone Bosh knew.

Two housekeepers were in the home at the time with Bosh’s kids when the robbery took place.   That is a scary thought that Bosh’s children were at the home while someone was robbing it.  Police hope to make an arrest soon.

You can read the entire police report below, describing the robbery at Bosh’s home.


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4 thoughts on “Chris Bosh’s House Robbed of $340k While He Was Out Celebrating His Birthday

  • No word on whether the handbags belonged to Chris or his wife…

  • Well the main thing is that nobody was hurt meaning their kids and the babysitters/house keepers

  • I hate it when someone take another’s belongings. But Bosh must have flaunted his things or this wouldn’t have happened. After he retires it will all begone anyway and the Gov. will be taking care of him

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