Chris Bosh’s Wife Adrienne Beach Bikini Booty Photos


Adrienne took some unnecessary bashing from the likes of Lil Wayne (he publicly said he slept with her) and others, for her past life before she married Chris Bosh, but she did the right thing and ignored it.

When you don’t add fuel to the fire, people move on to the next thing quickly.  Unfortunately, for Mr. and Mrs. Bosh they were back in the news again after their home was robbed (we believe it was an inside job).

Sometimes, you just have to go Puerto Rico and wash all your worries away on the beach.

Adrienne Bosh Booty 6
You can check out even more of Bosh’s wife Booty Poppin former modeling shots in Smooth Magazine here.

Photo Credit: INFDaily


    • Don’t think whether someone has ankle definition or not determines anyone’s future, kind of sending a FU to science there isn’t it?