Could The Clippers Pursue Paul Pierce This Summer

clippers pursue paul pierce

The Celtics are old. Paul Pierce plays with a piano on his back. Kevin Garnett is all bark. That’s typically what I hear from people when talking about the Celtics. Although they may not be the favorites among fans, NBA teams are despite to add a piece of the Celtics to their puzzle.

Earlier this year, rumors started to circulate around the league that the Los Angeles Clippers were interested in a trade for Kevin Garnett. However nothing manifested between the two teams. Now it appears the Clippers have their eyes on a different Celtic, Paul Pierce, at least according to Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist Marc Spears.

Keep in mind, Pierce has one more year left on his deal. Pierce is still a valuable player, still a dynamic player. Keep an eye on a team like the Clippers. Not so much even for Garnett, but for Pierce, because if the Clippers stumble in the first or second round, I think that small forward position is something that they could use. They need maybe that No. 3 scorer or even that No. 2 scorer to kind of get them over the hump and be in the elite. He’s from L.A., so I don’t think Danny Ainge is going to send him to Minnesota. He’s going to send him somewhere that he would be happy with, and I’m sure Paul probably thinks he could get an extension with a team like the Clippers.

Paul Pierce wasn’t the happiest when he first arrived in Boston. His distaste didn’t last long before Danny Angie surrounded him with a good core group of guys. However Pierce has made it clear he wants the chance to compete for another title before he retires. In addition, his wife just gave birth less than a few weeks ago, so the convenience of being closer to home in California would make the offer more appealing.

The Clippers will be busy this summer doing whatever is needed to make their point guard Chris Paul happy by any means. If that means lying out the red carpet for Paul Pierce expect that to happen.

As for Garnett, Spears believes loyalty and nearing retirement are the two biggest factors a team will face when trying to pursue him to leave Boston.

But the problem with trading Garnett is — no matter where it is, even if it was Miami — he could potentially retire. He’s not a guy who wants a change, and he’s a guy who’s big on commitment. It would have to be a place where you’d have to have some stars that could convince him, but, to me, I think Pierce is probably the more likely guy if either of the two are to get moved in the offseason.

I’m certain there are many Celtics fans wondering how this could even be possible after the Ray Allen ordeal. However there comes a time when one has to say goodbye. An era can never last forever.

Is it possible Garnett will retire and Pierce will be playing for another team next year? Yes. It’s also possible both men will remain Celtics until the end of their NBA careers. This is when you have to let time and faith run their course and wait it out and see.  There is still a lot of time remaining before summer.