Cris Cyborg KOs Opponent at Invicta 5, Rousey Next?


Cris Cyborg showed why she is called the baddest woman on the planet in her victory over Fiona Muxlow at Invicta 5 in Kansas City over the weekend. She dominated from the opening bell and punished Muxlow with punches throughout the first round. A mixture of ground and pound and stand up striking showed Cyborg’s supreme skills.

The entire first round of the fight can be seen below :



Cyborg is already scheduled to headline Invicta 6 but true MMA fans are just counting the days until she makes the jump to the UFC and a possible super fight between her and Ronda Rousey.

Both Dana White and Rousey have said that they’d be open to the fight but it’d have to be in the 135 lb weight class, the only women’s class that the UFC currently has. Cyborg fights at 145lb and has stated that she wouldn’t be able to cut the necessary 10 lbs to fight in that weight class.

Cyborg has proposed a non title fight at 140 lbs against Rousey but that has been shot down several times by UFC brass.

Rousey is obviously a skilled fighter and her looks help her in the promotional aspects of MMA but a fight against Cris Cyborg would be the toughest of her career.

Cyborg is the premier female striker in the world and her experience in Brazilian Jiujitsu makes her as skilled on the ground as Rousey. It’s early and it’d be premature to scream that Rousey is ducking the fight but eventually Dana White has to see the value in having the two most talented women in the world square off in the octagon.

One thought on “Cris Cyborg KOs Opponent at Invicta 5, Rousey Next?

  • You will never see Mayweather fight Pacquaio and you will never see Rousey fight Cyborg! Dana White and Rousey are scared! Rousey is the Anna Kournikova of cage fighting. She can’t beat a real fighter like Cyborg. If you disagree, ask Gina Carano!

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