D’Antoni on Kobe Bryant’s Tweets: “He’s a Fan, Right Now” While Rolling his Eyes



D’Antoni doesn’t seem to be taking too well to Kobe on Twitter.

Kobe replied on Twitter of course.

Love and Hip Hop or the Lakers, which show is more drama filled?

FYI, Tony Parker thinks the situation is hilarious.

All of the attention might have run Kobe off Twitter, hopefully that won’t be the case.


  1. Who f-ING cares about this little twirp. He should be in jail. He’s a criminal as far as I’m concerned. Bought off the woman cuz he could !!!!!!

  2. Please no more Kobe tweets. I had enough of seeing his tweets on network
    sports. Who cares what Kobe is thinking or saying.

  3. Kobe and Phil Jackson have so many reasons for wanting the Lakers to lose. Phil wants to see if he can ride another championship now that they have a year to all play together and Kobe just cause he wants to watch them lose without him…So provides distractions…If I remember correctly. The only game they won against the Spurs this year was when he was out. Maybe he should tweet to himself what HE should have done those games that he played against them.

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