DeMarcus Ware On Tony Romo: “It’s Put Up Or Shut Up”


Tony Romo just got paid recently and is the highest paid in franchise history.  The most consistent player on the Cowboys roster was on Sirius XM radio yesterday and said that “Romo deserves every dollar he gets paid.”

DeMarcus Ware said some other things as well, and most importantly he feels according to ESPN Dallas, that “it’s time for Romo to put up or shut up.”

“I feel like you know everybody is deserving of whatever is given to them,” Ware said. “But at the end of the day, to me, it’s put up or shut up. I’m just being straight up honest with you. Get out there and be productive, and that’s with any player. Whatever they get, they’re deserving of it. You just got to get out there and play, and I know he can be and will be the quarterback who will take us to the next level.”

This is definitely an important season personally for Romo, but if his team doesn’t put up as well, then whatever Romo accomplishes won’t matter much anyway.