Derrick Rose’s Brother Says Rose is 90% Mentally Prepare to Play the Heat

Derrick Rose The Return

I have no idea why the Bulls, Derrick Rose and his family are torturing their fans like this. The proper thing to do is not say anything at all. When you give the fans hope, they just get more annoyed when it doesn’t happen.

Today, it is Derrick Rose’s brother Reggie who decided to add his two-cent on “The Return”.

“He has been working hard and getting a lot of shots up every day,” Reggie said. “Most of all, he is getting his mind ready, getting comfortable with his body. I think (his mind) is probably at a good 90 percent now.”

Like coach Tom Thibodeau, Rose has not ruled out his brother returning for a potential series with the Heat.

“I think anything is possible,” he said.

Anything is definitely possible, like Bulls fans rioting if they keep hearing Rose will return and he doesn’t. While the Bulls are in control of the series against the Nets, it isn’t over yet, so they should concentrate on the task at hand first.