DeSean Jackson Shares Rules on How to Not Get Caught Cheating in Instagram (Photo)

DeSean Jackson Chantel Jeffries 14

I will be perfectly honest, DeSean Jackson isn’t smart enough to come up with something like this, so whoever really created these rules, get in contact with me, so I can give you the proper credit.

One rule DeSean left out, is if you are going to cheat, don’t post Instagram rules for cheating, it might arouse some suspicion.

Social Media has become like E-Harmony, it was the same in the Blackplanet and MySpace days. Yes, people use Twitter and Facebook for other reasons, but the #1 reason, is to hook up with other people. It would be naïve to think anything else. For athletes in particular, it makes life easier, if they are careful.

They now have a potential pool of thousands of women and the financial means to fly them pretty much, anywhere in the country. You can see also the potential pitfalls in that, if you aren’t very bright.

The rules that were captured by Larry Brown Sports are more common sense, than anything else, but here are the guidelines for those in need.

DeSean Jackson Instagram

As I suspected DeSean Jackson didn’t come up with the idea it was actually this guy.