DeSean Jackson Shoots Rap Video with Snoop Dogg (Photo)

Snoop Dogg DeSean Jackson

Jackson moonlights as a part-time rapper and full-time label owner (Jaccpot Records). One of the first things he did, once he got a contract extension with the Eagles, was put a ton of money into his label.

They have come out with a few singles and mixtapes trying to create a buzz in the industry.

Jocks and Stiletto Jill reports that Jackson was in Las Vegas over the weekend shooting a music video with his artist Kid Cali and Snoop Dogg for a song called “Diamonds Around my Nec” the “k” is left out on purpose, it is a Cali thing.

I am never one to criticize an athlete about what they do on their free time, as long as they aren’t getting into any legal trouble or affecting anything they do on the field. My only advice to Jackson is to be very aware of who and where his money is going to. Don’t want him to end up on ESPN BROKE 2 in ten years.