DeSean Jackson’s Game Winning Punt Return Vs Giants Voted NFL’s Greatest Play Ever

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson is out somewhere making rap videos, but today he got an awesome honor. dubbed Jackson’s walk off punt return against the New York Giants in 2010 as the NFL’s Greatest Play Ever.

DeSean’s 65 yard game winning punt return, dubbed the Miracle at the Meadowlands #2,  beat out a Steve Young touchdown run vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

D Jax’ touchdown  famous touchdown came on December 19th 2010 with just 12 seconds left, capping a 21 point comeback by the Eagles.

After initially fumbling the punt, Jackson got ghost,  and went almost untouched on his way to endzone.


Jackson’s punt return crushed Young’s play, winning by close to 16 million votes (58,635,836 to 42,853,011). The winner was decided by a fan vote.

Below is a video of that amazing play in which afterwards, Tom Coughlin almost killed his punter for kicking to Jackson.

H/T Star Ledger